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Rita Justesen, architect

Director of Planning & Architecture at CPH City and Port Development, Denmark


Rita Justesen is the Director of Planning & Architecture at CPH City and Port Development - by far the largest development company in Copenhagen.

Planning & Architecture is implementing the development of a new town, Orestad, close to Copenhagen, and the redevelopment of Nordhavn – Scandinavia’s largest and most ambitious urban development project to dates, providing 40 000 residents and 40 000 jobs at the 200-hectare harbor area.

Rita Justesen is the author of several articles on the development of Copenhagen and has given public lectures all over the world. She is also a well known and highly demanded jury member in international architectural competitions all over the world and furthermore responsible for about 3–4 competitions hold each year by CPH City and Port Development.

Pavel Yanchev, architect

Art & Build, Brussels, Belgium


Pavel Yanchev is an architect and urbanist with extensive experience in the field of urbanism and urban planning. He has a Masters degree in Architecture from University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG), Sofia (2007) and Masters degree of Human Settlements from KU Leuven. He has worked on several projects in Sofia, Moscow and Brussels with the company STOA and the architectural studios ZOOMStudio and ARTER. From 2012, Pavel Yanchev is architect at Art & Build, Brussels.

Тogether with Orlin Manolov, Yanchev organized the workshop UURRBBAANN (2008) and the architectural competition for one of the new metro stations in Sofia “Metro station 20” (jointly with the annual architecture festival Sofia Architecture Week 2011). Yanchev and Manolov are curators of Sofia Architecture Week 2013 with topic “Future City”.

Pavel Yanchev is author of several articles on urban subjects in magazines such as Abitare Bulgaria as well he is part of the team of the project "Sofia - a city for people".

Marius Mowe, architect

Co-founder of Atelier Oslo, Norway


Marius Mowe is founding partner at Atelier Oslo. He had worked for Sverre Fehn (2002-2006) on National Architecture museum, Glacier Museum, Hamar museum and Gyldendal publishing house. In 2006 he founded the architecture studio Atelier Oslo together with Nils Ole Brandtzaeg, Thomas Liu and Jonas Norsted. Since then he has been a guest critic at AHO Oslo and NTNU Trondheim and has been a jury member in national open competitions Culture House Notodden and Gystadmarka.

Atelier Oslo’s portfolio includes projects ranging from large housing projects to single family houses and small installations. They won the international competition for the new central library in Oslo in 2009, Oslo Architect’s Association’s Architecture Prize in 2016, наградата Sundts premie 2016. Nominee of the Mies van der Rohe award 2016.

Yordanka Kandulkova, architect

Professor in Cultural Heritage at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Kandulkova is a member of the Bulgarian National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and sites, ICOMOS.

Since 1996 she is a regular lecturer at the Department "Conservation of Architectural Heritage” in the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG), Sofia.

She has worked in the National Institute of Immovable Cultural Heritage as architect, researcher and Inspector. In the period 2010-2011 Arch. Kandulkova was its director.

She is author of numerous scientific publications and reports dedicated to the preservation of the cultural heritage. Her professional experience includes urban planning of historic sites, conservation, restoration, exhibition and adaptation of architectural and archaeological heritage ​​and contemporary architecture.

Vanya Serafimova, architect

Managing Partner at Atelie Serafimov Architects


Architect Vanya Serafimova is the manager of Atelier Serafimov Architects and is a member of the Expert Council of Architecture of Samokov Municipality.


During her 41 years of professional career as architect at Sofproekt and Kisho Kurokawa architect & associates and as chief architect of Izgrev Municipality she has worked on various urban development projects, public buildings and buildings for healthcare, office and commercial centers, industrial buildings, hotels, residential buildings, individual houses, interiors and more.

Arch. Nadejda Klincheva-Koleva, architect

Chief architect of the Municipality of Samokov


Arch. Nadejda Klincheva-Koleva has a Masters degree in “Architecture” and "Engineering enterprise management" from University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG), Sofia (1996).

In the period 2000-2003 she was Chief Architect of  Municipality of Zlatitsa. Since 2005 till now Arch. Klincheva is the Chief Architect of Municipality of Samokov, respectively, of the National resort Borovets as well.

Like Chief Architect she is responsible for the implementation of numerous urban and social projects related to the Municipality of Samokov and Borovets, including the “Integrated Plan of Municipality of Samokov”, funded by the Ministry of Investment Planning and the “Master Plan of resort and tourist-location "Samokov- Borovets-Beli Iskar "”, created to protect the resort and its territory from chaotic and excessive overbuilding.

Angelina Vangelova, lawyer

Secretary of the Municipality of Samokov


Тhe participation of a lawyer in the jury is mandatory according the Bulgarian legislation (the Public Procurement Act).


Angelina Vangelkova is a lawyer with experience in the public administration. She is graduated in “Law” in 2000 at the South-West University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. From 2004 til now she is Secretary of the Municipality of Samokov.


She has a longtime experience in the public administration. Ms. Vangelkova participated in the preparation and the proceeding of numerous municipal projects related to the urban development of the Municipality of Samokov.

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On the occasion of the commemoration of 120 years since the foundation of Borovets, the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria, the Municipality of Samokov and its partners - the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, the Union of Architects in Bulgaria and the Union of Urbanists in Bulgaria -announce an international architectural competition for new central part of the resort.


The main objective of the competition shall be to collect a wide range of high-level conceptual designs for the spatial development and the architectural appearance of the territory, from which to select a project, suitable for the Municipality Vision for the resort's development, realised in stages.


The competition is international, anonymous, one-stage and with prizes.


The total value for realisation of the investment intention is envisaged to be up to BGN 60 million excluding VAT, upon realisation of maximum permissible: built-up area up to 5,285 m2; unfolded built-up area up to 22,019 m2; underground built-up area with possibility of two underground floors with a total built-up area up to 14,092 m2; vertical planning up to 5,285 m2; landscaping up to 7,046 m2.

The total value for the working phase of the design is up to 1 011 108 BGN, VAT excluded (28 BNG /14.32 euro per m2 for the unfolded gross built-up area and the underground built-up area.


The competition intends to award a total of five prizes to the projects ranked by the jury as follows:

    I place – 20 000 BGN (about 10 225 euro) and the right to negotiate directly the technical design of the project at the value of 28 BGN/m2 (about 14.3 euro), VAT excluded

    II place – 12 000 BGN (about 6135 euro)

    III place – 8 000 BGN (about 4090 euro)

      Two cash prizes of 5 000 BGN (about 2556 euro) for projects awarded by the jury.




The jury includes seven leading professionals and experts in the field of urbanism, landscape, urban planning and preservation of cultural heritage, who will have the difficult task to sift out the best proposals for the resort`s center.

Rita Justesen,

Director of Planning & Architecture at CPH City and Port Development, Denmark

Vanya Serafimova,

Managing Partner at
Atelier Serafimov Architects

Arch. Nadejda Klincheva-Koleva, 
Chief architect of the Municipality of Samokov

Marius Mowe, 

Co-founder at Oslo Atelier, Norway

Angelina Vangelova,

Lawyer at the Municipality of Samokov

Yordanka Kandulkova, 
Professor in Cultural Heritage at UACEG, Sofia



Samokov Municipality



Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria


Bulgarian Architects Union


Union of Urban Planners in Bulgaria 






In the organisation of the competition took part:

Contracting authority - Municipality of Samokov:
Vladimir Georgiev - Mayor of Samokov Municipality
Chief Architect Nadezhda Klincheva-Koleva
Eng. Evelina Perfanova, Director of Territorial Settlement and European Programs
Architect Stoyanka Kassabova, Senior expert at Territorial Settlement and European Programs
As well as all the departments and experts of Samokov municipality, involved in the project.

Organisation and assignment – Urbanistas.:
Architect Boyka Ognyanova
Urban planner Mila Yolova
Architect Kremena Mouskourova

Urban studies:
Urban planner Angel Burov
Urban planner Dimitar Trifonov
Urban planner Vasil Madjirski

Phytosanitary Assessment:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefan Mirchev
Senior Assistant Dr. Nikolai Zafirov
Master Ecologist Rashid Rashid

Legal Framework and Public Procurement:
Solicitor Tsveta Stoeva-Yotsova

Architect Simona Kabadova

© Copyrights: Samokov Municipality

Organizers:    Urbanistas.eu

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